Angela Shalenko is a certified childbirth educator. She is passionate about supporting women and their birth companions in their journeys no matter what path they choose. She is dedicated to spreading the word that it is possible to have a calmer, easier birth with HypnoBirthing®.


My Story:
My name is Angela Shalenko, and I LOVE HypnoBirthing®! In preparation for the birth of my first child I was looking for something, anything really, that would help me with my fear of childbirth.  You know that fear…the one that has found its way into our popular culture via too many tv shows and movies that get birth all wrong.  I searched for a way to have a calmer, easier birth, and I found that.  I had a beautiful birthing experience because of HypnoBirthing®. I loved it so much during my pregnancy and birthing that I decided to teach it to others!